I'm a folklorist and artist working on collaborative storytelling and engagement with public spaces, and am currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of English Studies. 

I'm interested in the relationship between story, place and community, with a focus on marginalised and silenced voices: who gets to tell stories about shared spaces (whether fairy tales about woods or urban legends about serial killers), and how does this affect perceptions of who these places belong to?

Following a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship on fairy tale transmission, I've worked on several projects incorporating an audio or oral history element: I was the producer of theatre and heritage project Talking Statues in various cities, I created audio-visual installation Senate Women (drawn from interviews with women working in Senate House) for last year's Bloomsbury Festival, and in 2017-18 I toured Big Teeth, an immersive installation which invited audience members to listen to recordings retelling the story of Red Riding Hood from different perspectives. 

My current project, The Flâneuse Diaries, explores women's mapping of Bloomsbury through diaries and life writing, and I'm also keen to weave oral histories into this, collecting women's memories and experiences of city spaces.

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