Navigating Copyright Permissions for Prose and Poetry in Academic Publications (session recording)

Session leader: Dr Enaiê Azambuja (ILCS) 
Date and time: Wednesday, 9 November 2022, 14:00-15:30 

This session focused on the process of requesting permission to reproduce extracts of books of fiction or poetry for academic publications. It covered
1. Who owns the rights and who to seek out for them; 
2. How to prepare a copyright request; 
3. What to expect from the copyright request process; 
4. How long to expect to hear from the publishers/authors; 
5. Will you be expected to pay? If so, how much?; 
6. How to acknowledge/credit copyright holders in your book’s copyright page; 
7. What is considered fair dealing or fair use. 

This session is particularly relevant for first-time authors seeking to understand the meanders of copyright permission.

This video is shared under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC license, meaning that it cannot be redistributed or reused for commercial purposes, and that credit must be given to the creator (Enaiê Azambuja) for any future uses or references to the content of the video

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