Ethnography in Modern Languages and Cultures Research (session details and recordings)

Session leaders: Dr Naomi Wells and Dr Ainhoa Montoya

Session 1: Ethnography and Modern Languages and Cultures (Wednesday 19 January 2022, 2-3pm)

Session 2: Ethnographic Fieldwork (Wednesday 26 January 2022, 2-3pm)

These sessions will introduce researchers to theories and methods associated with ethnography. The first session will focus on what ethnographic praxis can bring to languages and cultures research more broadly, particularly in terms of epistemology and researcher reflexivity. The second session will focus on ethnographic fieldwork methods and experiences, including different approaches to ethnographic research as well as practical advice and guidance. 

Key reading for Session 1:

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Key reading for Session 2:

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Introduction to Ethnography - Dr Naomi Wells


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Ethnography, Cultural Translation and Modern Languages - Dr Naomi Wells


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The Field in Ethnographic Research - Dr Ainhoa Montoya

Doing Ethnographic Fieldwork - Dr Ainhoa Montoya

Digital Ethnography - Dr Naomi Wells


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