4.3 Activity: Planning your public engagement activities

Imagine I were to give you £500 to spend on a public engagement activity based on the research which you described for the ‘elevator pitch’ activity in Section 2 of this course.

Now envisage a specific target audience with whom you would like to engage (it may be helpful to take another look at some of the descriptors in Section 3.2 above to refresh your memory), and, bearing in mind what you have learned so far in this course, consider the following questions:

(i) Who might you approach to work with you as community partners? (You can be very specific here if you wish, or you can define possible types of community partners in quite general terms if you don’t yet have any particular people or organisations in mind.)

(ii) Where and when will your public engagement activity take place?

(iii) What format would work well to engage your target audience with your research topic?

(iv) What are the costs you will need to cover from your £500? You may find it helpful to write a breakdown itemising estimated expenditure here.

(v) What else do you need in order for the activity to happen, and how could you go about securing these resources?

When you have jotted down some notes for each of these questions, read my discussion in Section 4.4 ('Discussion: Planning your public engagement activities').