3.4 Activity: Who are the publics in 'public engagement'?

Photograph shows eight women stand in a line facing the viewer. Each holds up a square of felt; the squares are decorated with colourful designs of patterns or objects.

Choose one of the following blogposts to read on the Institute of Classical Studies' blog, accessible by clicking on the links:

1. ‘Rematerialising Mosul Museum’ by Dr. Zena Kamash

2. ‘Greek Comedy in Action at Kent’ by Dr. Rosie Wyles


For your selected post make some notes on the following:

(i) how you would describe the target audiences for the featured project (think about the criteria which I outlined earlier);

(ii) any community partners who are mentioned in the post. Why do you think these community partners were important for the success of the events described?

Then read my discussion in Section 3.4 ('Discussion: who are the publics in 'public engagement'?').

(If you have time you may of course choose to read and think about both of these posts.)