About this course

This short course on public engagement with research was authored by Dr. Emma Bridges for the Institute of Classical Studies (School of Advanced Study, University of London).

The featured examples of public engagement activities are primarily those conducted by researchers in Classics and related subjects. However, the principles addressed here apply equally to public engagement with research in other academic disciplines, and the skills which this course teaches will be of relevance to researchers in other fields.

With thanks to Dr. Emma-Jayne Graham for providing feedback on a draft of the course, to Dr. Matt Phillpott for assistance with the School of Advanced Study’s online learning platform, and to Dr. Liz Potter for user-testing the course.


Study time:

The course should take around 3 hours in total to complete. It is divided into five shorter sections which you may study at your own pace rather than over one continuous session.


Learning outcomes:

After studying this course you should be able to:

  • define public engagement and understand how it differs from other types of interaction with audiences outside universities
  • describe your own research in a way which is relatable to a non-specialist audience
  • identify potential target audiences and community partners for public engagement activities
  • understand how factors such as budget, location, and available resources can help you to decide on a format for public engagement activities