The School of Advanced Study, University of London aims to make its services and resources accessible to disabled students and visitors wherever possible.

If you are experiencing difficulty in viewing or obtaining information from this website please email the Webmaster of the School of Advanced Study, University of London for alternative formats.  Please give details of the information you require.


Accessibility features

This site has been developed to ensure content is available to the widest possible audience, including readers using assistive technology or accessibility features. The Accessibility Block includes various features to make the site more accessible:

There are 8 buttons on the block that allow you to easily change the size and/or colour of the site and text within the site.

  • Clicking  will decrease the text size.
  • Clicking  will increase the text size.
  • Clicking  will reset the text size. If you had a saved setting for the text size, this will be cleared.

The final button on the top row saves styles changed by the block. Once you have altered the text size or colour scheme, the button will become active, shown by the blue arrow. When it's active, click  to save settings. Once saved, they will persist between pages even when you log out.

The bottom row contains 4 buttons, each displaying a different colour scheme. Clicking any of these buttons  will apply that colour scheme to the page. Clicking the button on the far left will reset the scheme to default and clear any saved colour settings.


At the bottom of the block, you'll see a button labelled Launch ATbar and a checkbox labelled (always?)

Clicking the button will launch ATbar and hide the native controls. ATbar has several advanced Accessibility functions on top of the ability to change page styles, including Text-To-Speech and Dictionary lookup. Note that if you change styles with ATbar, they will not persist between pages as they do with the native functions, nor are you currently able to save them. Ticking the checkbox will cause ATbar to be automatically loaded each time you visit a page containing the Accessibility block. You can find out more about ATbar's functions by clicking the  icon on the right of the bar itself.

[This information has been provided by MoodleDocs. Click here for further details]


Downloading files

You may need to use plug-in applications in order to access or download some files on this site. Here is a list of applications and links to free downloads.

  • Documents followed with [PDF] are in PDF (Portable Document Format). Before you can read them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.
  • Documents followed with [Word] are in DOC format (Microsoft Word) and can be opened with Microsoft WORD viewer.
  • Documents followed with [PPT] are in PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint) and can be opened with Microsoft PowerPoint viewer.
  • E-mail addresses will open in your email client.


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