Digital Tools Glossary

Digital Tools Glossary

Most specialist terms are explained the first time they occur, but here are a few which are only mentioned in passing:

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EAD (Encoded Archival Description) an XML markup scheme for encoding archival finding aids


EEBO (Early English Books Online) a project to photograph all books published in England or English between the beginning of printing and 1700. Originally a microfilm product, EEBO is now published on the web by ProQuest.


EEBO-TCP a project to take a selection of page images from EEBO and produce lightly encoded TEI-conformant XML transcriptions of the texts


Element a discrete piece of markup, usually consisting of an opening and closing tag

Entity reference

Entity reference an encoding for a particular character that begins with & and ends with a semi-colon, eg  &. Used in HTML for reserved characters, they also have wider applications.