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Subject 4_encountering problems

Subject 4_encountering problems

by Davis Engelis -
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Hi, everybody! 

I guess this could be the place where everyone can show their failures/errors when working with git/github.

I had some error messages here and there, but googling info helped to overcome almost all of them. 

The only error I could not resolve happened when I tried to push my own txt. file to our github repo, it returned error: 403

here is the code of the last commands:

(base) Daviss-Air-2:texts davisengelis$ git add USA_music_critics_2018_DE.txt

(base) Daviss-Air-2:texts davisengelis$ git commit -m 'added a corpus of American classical music reviews'

[main 997ad33] added a corpus of American classical music reviews

 1 file changed, 1138 insertions(+)

 create mode 100644 texts/USA_music_critics_2018_DE.txt

(base) Daviss-Air-2:texts davisengelis$ git push

remote: Permission to cmohge1/riga-intro-to-dh.git denied to davisengelis.

fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

(base) Daviss-Air-2:texts davisengelis$