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History Ethnography and Memory-a day of training at IMLR

History Ethnography and Memory-a day of training at IMLR

by Katia Pizzi -
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Saturday, 17 March 2018 (Room 243, Senate House/Tavistock Square)

History, Ethnography and Memory


11.00   Historical methods and archives (Carlos Lopez Galviz, Lancaster)

The session will discuss four concepts central to the practice of history, namely, context and interpretation, diachrony and synchrony, the where and the how of doing history (archives), and causes and path dependencies. It will conclude with a brief reflection on the relationship between history and the future.’

12.00   Introduction to oral history, fieldwork and collections (Michael Kandiah, KCL)

13.00   Lunch break

14.30   Ethnography and fieldwork (Chandra Morrison, LSE)

Drawing on ethnographic methods such as participant observation, this session will address working with people in the field and will provide an opportunity to think about how interpersonal interactions and approaches can be applied to Modern Languages research

15.30   Tea break

15.45   Search for Memory Traces and Markers: A ‘Memory Hunt’ in Tavistock Square (Katia Pizzi, IMLR). 

Guest speaker: Philip Nelson (Tavistock Square Memorial Trust)

You are welcome to bring a camera phone or digital camera (optional) and share your findings on social media

All welcome.