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by Katia Pizzi -
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Please see the attached poster and details (below) for the first event being
held by the Wider World History Network, a new WRoCAH Student-Led Forum aiming
to bring together Arts & Humanities postgraduate students researching
topics with global dimensions, from the medieval period to the present day.

Date: Thursday 5th March, 3pm-5.30pm

Venue: The Grant Room, 3.11, Michael Saddler Building, University of Leeds.

The event will feature Jesús Sanjurjo Ramos presenting his paper
"Transnational Influences and Cultural Transfers in the Formation of
Spanish Anti-Slavery Discourses, 1802–34: The Anglophilia of Agustín de
Argüelles”, which he recently presented at the 129th Annual Meeting of the
American Historical Association (AHA) in New York City.

Abstract: The paper aims to reconstruct the historical shaping of the Spanish
abolitionist discourse, assessing the British influence in its construction
through the analysis of the political and intellectual activity carried out by
Spanish liberal politicians between 1802 and 1834. One of the most prominent
figures in this process was Agustín de Argüelles, whose leading role in the
elaboration of the anti-slavery discourse in Spain and his recognition as an
anti-slavery activist have not been studied yet.
This will be followed by a roundtable discussion entitled ‘Who can I speak
for?’, which will give postgraduate students the opportunity to discuss issues
related to researching topics with global dimensions.

Refreshments will be provided and we have secured funding for travel from York
and Sheffield for a number of students. This will be first come first served so
if you'd like to reserve travel funding please do let us know.

To register for this event please fill out our Google form by following this

For more information on the Wider World History Network please visit our


Claudia Rogers