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2. Transcription @ InScribe

2.3 Numerals

For most of the medieval period Roman numerals were used. Arabic forms would not arrive in western Europe until the tenth century, and by then, they would only be found in Spanish manuscripts. They would not spread through western scriptoria until the twelfth century. This implies that, since these numerals are written in the same script as the main text and they contain numerous minims (simple upright strokes such as those in m, n or u), their shape heavily reflects the script in which they are copied. However, scribes tend to advertise the presence of numerals within the main text by adding dots at each end. These, which should not be interpreted as a mark of punctuation, were intended to allow the reader to locate those numerals more easily and effectively. Even so, when transcribing, these dots should be kept and reproduced alongside the Roman numerals.