Markup Schemes

Markup Schemes



Note that EEBO-TCP is, confusingly, different from EEBO: EEBO is Early English Books Online, page images for the great majority of books published in Great Britain between 1473 and 1700. The TCP is the Text Creation Partnership, based in Michigan. The TCP takes the page images from EEBO, transcribes them, and marks them up in TEI markup. To date, over 40,000 works have been transcribed and marked up.

Apart from its value as a resource, the usefulness for our purposes is that EEBO-TCP has encountered many of the problems of encoding historical texts, and has found ways to address those problems using the TEI guidelines. The keying guidelines are available online.

Many suggested markups are covered, for example here is some suggested markup for a mixture of prose and verse:

EEBO-TCP line markup guidance

You will also find much information on fonts and symbols. For example, you’ll find here a repository of symbols, with their meanings, such as those used in texts on alchemy:

EEBO-TCP astrological symbols


If your institution is part of the Text Creation Partnership (all UK Higher Education institutions are members) you can access the EEBO-TCP here:

EEBO-TCP Home Page

If you find a text that is similar to one that you wish to mark up you can, as a member of the Text Creation Partnership, request the XML, and see how this type of text has been marked up in TEI Lite. If you actually find a text that you want to mark up you can even, within certain restrictions, use its XML as the base text for your own markup.