Markup Schemes

Markup Schemes

3. TEI Lite

3.1 Exercise

  1. Download the TEI Lite DTD or XML Schema (whichever you prefer). 
  2. Open up the file, either in an XML editor or a plain text editor, and try to get some sense of how it works.
  3. Create a new XML file and link it to the TEI Lite rules file you’ve chosen
  4. Create a basic document like a diary entry or a newspaper report and use your XML editor to get accustomed to what tags are available to you.
  5. If you’re feeling adventurous, modify the rules file. Either add a new element or modify an existing one to allow a different attribute from the default.

TEI offers a very handy customisation tool, called Roma. Here you can choose which TEI elements will be relevant to your project and Roma will generate a rules file for you.  Three different rules formats are available: DTD, XML Schema and RelaxNG. We recommend that you start with a template and choose TEI Lite:

 Roma radio buttons


After this stage your choices will be offered by a menu of tabs. When you’re done go to the Schema tab, choose your rules file format and click on “generate” to have your rules file made for you. If you’re unsure about, or just interested in, the different formats this is a good point at which to make multiple formats so that you can compare them all:

 Roma dropd-down menu


If you get stuck with anything involving TEI you should find help in the documentation, but there is also a TEI forum, to which you can submit questions.