An Interdisciplinary Bibliography of Fieldwork Resources for Researchers in Modern Languages and Related Fields

2. Conducting Fieldwork during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Haidy Geismar and Hannah Knox, Collecting Covid-19 website (Centre for Digital Anthropology, UCL) this is a website of online resources and blogs highlighting how researchers address fieldwork issues during the pandemic.

Deborah Lupton (ed.) Doing fieldwork in a pandemic (crowd-sourced document March 2020) https://Doing-fieldwork-in-a-pandemic.pdf (slightly edited ML/Area Studies word version attached)

Deborah Lupton COVID-19 and Doing Virtual Fieldwork (webinar 31 March 2020) https://Link to request Covid 19 research webinar (pdf of webinar attached)

Daniel Miller, How to conduct ethnography in social isolation (Danny Miller, a professor of anthropology at UCL, published this podcast on YouTube in May 2020. It draws from his expertise in digital anthropology to suggest digital alternatives for students unable to conduct fieldwork on site)

A. Ferraz de Oliveira (ed.) (2020). Resources for remote research in Human Geography (this 4-page crowd-sourced document contains a wealth of information some of which is applicable to ML/AS research):

LSE Digital Ethnography Collective – lockdown list collated by Zoe Glatt & Branwen Spectre.

World Council of Anthropological Associations Fieldwork in an era of pandemia (sic): digital (and other) alternatives https://WCAA fieldwork-in-an-era-of-pandemia-digital-and-other-alternatives-webinar/  (the discussion is of variable interest to linguists, the last 35 minutes record web chat questions from PhD students)

Doing Arts Research in a Pandemic: a  crowd-sourced document responding to the challenges arising from Covid-19, Compiled by Prof. Vida L Midgelow, Middlesex University with The Culture Capital Exchange, June 2020.

Ethnography In/ Of the Pandemic A series of blogs edited at University of Toronto Ethnography lab.