3. Resources in the rest of the world

3.3 libraries

National Libraries with resources relevant to Polish studies and Polish culture

The Polish Collections in the Library of Congress
These include nearly 150,000 books in Polish with many more volumes concerning Poland available there in other languages. A significant portion of the collections are in the field of history.

University and Specialized Libraries

Deutsches Polen Institut in Darmstadt
The Institute has a specialist library with around 58,000 volumes concentrating on Polish-German relations and cultural exchange.

Herder Institut, Marburg
The Herder Institut specialises in research on Central and Eastern Europe. Its research library has large Polish collections, with a particular focus on history.

Bavarian State Library
The East European Collections are the Library's largest specialist section and include large numbers of books on Polish subjects.

Bibliothek des Osteuropa Instituts, Freie Universität, Berlin
The library of the University's Eastern European Institute has over 350,000 volumes, including significant numbers of works concerning Poland.

Hoover Institution, Stanford University
The largest collection of historical documents on Poland outside the country. The focus is the twentieth-century history of Poland, with significant collections on the interwar period, Polish experiences in the war - including JanKarski's papers - and also secret police materials and opposition documents from the communist period. The collection is split into three categories: before WWIIthe war itself, and after WWII.

Widener Library, Harvard University
Harvard's largest collection of Slavonics-related materials are housed at the Widener, though other libraries also have relevant materials. Of particular note at this library is the collection of underground and Solidarity publications from Poland.

University of Kansas Library
The University of Kansas has invested in Polish studies collections, hosted here.

Indiana University, Bloomington
The University library has over 50,000 books in Polish and is investing in expanding collections.

Uppsala University Library, Sweden
The Library has a particularly interesting collection of early Polish books.

The Polish Library at McGill University, Montréal
The Library is part of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in Canada, which promotes Polish culture and learning in North America.

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Memorial Library
The library has a growing Polish collection.

Bibliothèque Polonaise de Paris
The Polish Library in Paris specialises in literary and historical themes.