3. Resources in the rest of the world

3.1 archives

Hoover Institution, Stanford University
The largest collection of historical documents on Poland outside the country. The focus is the twentieth-century history of Poland, with significant collections on the interwar period, Polish experiences in the war - including JanKarski's papers - and also secret police materials and opposition documents from the communist period. The collection is split into three categories: before WWII, the war itself, and after WWII.

Piłsudski Institute of America, New York
The Institute's Archives are second only to the Hoover Institution in size for collections outside Poland. The Archives comprise materials from the prewar Piłsudski Institute for Research on the Modern History of Poland and also materials donated by members of the Polish diaspora and others. The archives are particularly valuable for research on the interwar period.

PIASA - Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America, New York
The Institute is home to a significant library and also archives which include materials on interwar political parties, embassy documents, and writers' and scholars' personal papers. The Institute is a significant centre for the study of Polish Americans and the diaspora in South America.

Yad-Vashem - The International Institute for Holocaust Research
Among the Institute's archives are documents on the history of Jews from Poland.

Yivo - Institute for Jewish Research
The Institute has notable materials on the life of East European Jewry.

Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv
These Archives hold significant materials on the history of the city of Lviv/ Lvov/ Lemberg/ Leopolis/ Lwów, which has a mixed Ukrainian-Polish-Jewish-Austrogerman heritage.

Federal Archives, Germany
The various centres of the Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv) offer documentation on areas of Poland that were once German.

Archives Portal Europe provides access to information on archival material from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions throughout the continent.