2. resources in the UK

2.2 cultural institutions

The Polish Cultural Institute
Based in London, the Polish Cultural Institute is a diplomatic mission of Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It promotes contemporary Polish culture in Britain, covering the visual arts, film, theatre, music and literature.

The Polish Embassy in London

The Polish Consulate in London, which also has a Consulate General in Edinburgh and Manchester.

The Polish Educational Society (PMS)
This institution has some fifty Polish Saturday Schools under its patronage in the UK and provides them with manuals and other teaching aids, trains Polish teachers, organises GCSE and AS and A Level exams, publishes periodicals and runs a bookshop selling English and Polish books, periodicals and music tapes.

The Polish Social and Cultural Association (POSK)
Based in Hammersmith, London, POSK serves the Polish community while also promoting Poland and Polish culture more broadly. Its centre houses a library, museum, theatre, bookshop and café.

The Association of Polish Combatants in Great Britain (SPK)
The Association has branches throughout the country and supports Polish servicemen who found themselves in Britain as a result of World War II.

Polish Art Europe
PAE promotes Polish art and culture by organising exhibitions and film festivals, most notably Play Poland, which toured the UK in 2011.

Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange
Run by the Polish Ministry of Education it is a useful source for those wishing to study and/or research in Poland.

British Association of Slavonic and European Studies (BASEES)
BASEES promotes arts, humanities and social science research on Central and Eastern Europe in the United Kingdom and beyond. It holds an annual conference in Cambridge in late March/early April.

There are Polish studies courses at the University of Glasgow in arts and in social sciences, UCL-SSEES, Edinburgh (short Polish language courses), Sheffield and Cambridge.

Congress of Polish Student Societies
An association of Polish student societies from universities around Great Britain.

This institution offers a wide range of Polish language courses at all levels.