2. resources in the UK

2.1 archives

The National Archives
This is the national achive of England, Wales and the United Kingdom. It brings together and preserves the records of the central government and the courts of law. The records span an unbroken period from the 11th century to the present day. Their website runs a database search engine to help you find the records you need. They also have several searchable databases to help you find out about records held by other archives.

Arts and Humanities Data Service
As a postgraduate student in humanities you will find this service useful and relevant. It includes 5 different domains:

  • Archaeology Data Service
  • Visual Arts Data Service
  • Oxford Text Archive
  • Performing Arts Data Service
  • History Data Service

Piłsudski Institute Archive, London
The Archive holds significant documentation on Józef Piłsudski and the Legions, the life of Polish émigrés in Britain, the Polish-Bolshevik War - including an archive of the Polish military leadership - and materials concerning Solidarity and the anti-communist underground. The archive is supplemented by the significant library collections which focus on Polish history since 1863. More detailed information on the holdings of the Institute can be found using the search engine of the Polish State Archives. The Piłsudski Institute Archive also has numerous photographs and maps.

Sikorski Institute Archive, London
The Archive has significant materials concerning the Polish military and goverment-in-exile during World War II, with the documents covering official institutions as well as personal papers.

Archives Hub is a portal bringing together descriptions of thousands of the UK's archive collections and representing nearly 300 institutions across the country.

AIM25 is a database of archives and manuscript collections from many of London's higher education institutions, learned societies, cultural organisations and City livery companies.