1. resources in Poland

1.2 cultural institutions

These are public centres which offer a variety of different resources, materials, services for the study of Polish literatures and cultures. What we list here is, of course, not an exhaustive summary of all the cultural institutions in Poland, we are merely giving examples.


Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MKiDN)
The Ministry provides a list of links to potential sources of funding for creative artists and researchers.

Adam Mickiewicz Institute
The Institute coordinates the promotion of Polish culture around the world.

Narodowe Centrum Kultury
The National Centre of Culture promotes culture throughout the country, and also gives support to professionals working in the cultural sector.

Wspólnota Polska
The Polish Community is an NGO sponsored by the Polish Senate which promotes Poland, Polish culture and the Polish language among Poles abroad and the diaspora.

Semper Polonia Foundation
The Foundation aims to support young members of the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad, as well as promote the cause of Poland and Polish culture generally, including protecting Polish cultural heritage and supporting Poles' achievements throughout the world.

Scientific and Academic

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW)
The website provides an overview of higher education and research in Poland, while also listing job vacancies at Universities and funding opportunities.

The Foundation for Polish Science
The Foundation is a self-financing NGO and the largest non-governmental body for academic research funding.

The Polish Rectors Foundation
This NGO works towards the development of Polish education, learning and culture, particularly in the sphere of higher education, together with partners in the private sector.


The Stefan Batory Foundation
The Stefan Batory Foundation was founded by George Soros with the aim of working towards open and democratic society on the local, national and international levels.

The International Culture Centre, Krakow
The  International Cultural Centre focuses on a multidimensional approach to cultural heritage, including the legacy of  European civilisation, Central Europe’s multiculturalism, memory and identity, dialogue between cultures and societies. The Centre also hosts various exhibitions, meetings, promotes research and houses a library.

Krytyka Polityczna
A left-liberal organisation operated by the Stanisław Brzozowski Foundation, which publishes a journal and runs discussion clubs throughout Poland and also abroad. The portal, like the journal, presents articles and discussions concerning issues significant in contemporary Poland.

Manifa - 8 March Women's Coalition
An informal coalition of feminist and gender rights activists.

A feminist information portal and bookshop, supporting women's rights, discussing gender issues and  promoting women's writing.


State Archives
The Polish State Archives have branches throughout Poland. It is also responsible for the National Digital Archive.

The Karta Foundation and Centre in Warsaw is an NGO which documents and publishes the wartime and postwar history of Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. It has significant documentary, oral history and photographic archives on subjects including opposition to communism, forced migration and deportations to the USSR during and after the war, and also everyday life under communism.

Institute of National Memory (IPN)
The state-sponsored Institute publishes on Polish history during and after World War II, exploring in particular Polish suffering at the hands of Nazis and communists. It holds significant archives, including secret police materials, and also engages in educational work, such as presenting exhibitions.

The Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences
The research-centred Institute explores Polish and world history from the Middle Ages to the present day. It has specialist sections including Medieval Society and History, Post-1945 Polish History, the History of Mass Migrations, and the History of Polish-German Relations. It is highly active in publishing and also conducts many collaborative research projects.

The Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw
The Institute holds notable archives on the history of Jews in Poland and beyond. It also hosts various exhibitions. Meanwhile, www.jewish.org.pl is the Portal of the Jewish community in Poland.

Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw
This Museum is to open in 2013.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum
The Memorial and Museum includes an archive and museum collections.

State Museum at Majdanek
The Museum includes an archive and museum collections.

European Solidarity Centre, Gdansk
The Centre houses a library and archive on Solidarity and opposition to communism more generally, while also hosting exhibitions and meetings.

Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe
This independent, non-profit organisation works towards European understanding and cooperation, opposing intolerance and discrimination. It explores questions including memory and ecology, and works keenly with young people from around Europe hosting them at its centre in Lower Silesia.

The Museum of the Polish Peasant Movement (MHPRL)
The Museum's main collections are in Warsaw, with smaller branches in the town of Sandomierz and the village ofPiaseczno, near Tczew. The Museum has an archive in Warsaw and in Piaseczno with significant collections of documents and autobiographies by Polish peasants and activists. The Archive is run in coordination with the Peasant Party (PSL) Archive.

The Museum of Farming, Agriculture and Rural Life in Szreniawa
The Museum has over 20,000 artefacts in its collections which are on display and also available for research.

Museum of the the History of Poland (MHP)
This website highlights the development of the concepts for contents and exhibition in this Museum.

Art, Design and Architecture

National Heritage Board of Poland (Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa)
The Board promotes, protects and documents the national heritage of Poland. It also has a library in Warsaw.

The National Institute of Museology and Collections Protection (NIMOZ)
The Institute works towards promoting high standards in museum curation and the protection of collections. It promotes innovation in museums and in the use of collections. It has a thorough database of museums in Poland.

The Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw
While holding significant collections of contemporary works, the museum is also highly active in curating and archiving art and the artworld. Other notable art museums in Poland include Łódź Museum of ArtNational Museum in Warsaw and MOCAK in Krakow.

Central Museum of Textiles, Łódź
The Museum promotes Polish fashion and textile design, while also exploring the heritage and history of the textile industry, which was central to the development of Łódź.

The Museum of Architecture, Wrocław
Poland's only architecture museum; as well as organising exhibitions, it also supports research and educational work.

Language and Literature 

The Book Institute (Instytut Książki)
The Institute, a Ministry of Culture initiative, promotes reading and literature in Poland, while also supporting Polish literature abroad.

Polonicum - Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners at the University of Warsaw

The Polish Language and Culture Centre for Polish People from Abroad and Foreigners at UMCS Lublin

Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IBL PAN)
The Institute's research concentrates on Polish literary history, literary theory, cultural history, literary archives and lexicography.

The Institute of the Polish Language of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IJP PAN)
The only research centre in Poland that examines the Polish language in all its aspects and variations. It explores the history of the Polish language, its structure, dialects, contemporary usage and grammar.

The Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra near Ciechanów
The Museum has significant collections on Polish Romanticism, with notable library holdings, including manuscripts, on Zygmunt Krasiński, with large collections also concerning Polish exiles.

The Museum of Literature, Warsaw
The Museum has significant manuscript and archival holdings, particularly of Adam Mickiewicz's works.

Nike Literary Prize
This is Poland's most prestigious literary award.

Związek Literatów Polskich
This is the Polish Writer's Association, with a portal presenting the Association's magazine Literaci.

This is the Polish Society of Authors and Composers, which protects authors' and creative artists' copyright and promotes their work.

Music, Film and Performance

The Fryderyk Chopin Institute
The Institute promotes Chopin's music, organising concerts and conferences around the world, while also supporting academic research on Chopin and his work.

The Institute of Music and Dance (IMiT)
Founded in 2010, the Institute promotes Polish music and dance, supports educational and research activities in the fields and coordinates archival work.

The Polish Film Institute (PISF)
Europe's newest film institute aims to promote, develop and support Polish cinema. 

Filmoteka Narodowa
The National Film Archive documents Poland's cinematographic heritage, supporting a library and an archive.

Museum of Cinematography, Łódź
This museum is located in the city that has been at the centre of Poland's film industry.

Instytut Teatralny
The Theatre Institute promotes and supports Polish theatre and theatre studies. It runs an important archive and coordinates the e-teatr.pl portal which has a huge database of contemporary theatre reviews.

The Grotowski Institute - An archive, library and work centre promoting the work of Jerzy Grotowski.

Cricoteka - The Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor, including his work as theatre director and visual artist.

The National Audiovisual Institute (NInA)
The aim of the Institute is to record and document significant events and moments in Polish culture, while also working towards the digitalisation and digital dissemination of existing cultural heritage. Some of its work can be watched and listened to here

Polish Media Websites

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland's best-selling quality daily; it has a liberal orientation. Its weekend edition features a magazine supplement Wysokie Obcasy which focuses on women's issues and cultural matters.Gazeta Wyborcza also has an up-to-the-minutes news portal.

Rzeczpospolita - a centre-right daily with influential opinion pieces and editorials. The team behind the newspaper have created UważamRze, which quickly became one of Poland's best-selling weekly news magazines.

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - a centrist daily newspaper.

Nasz Dziennik - a right-wing Catholic newspaper from the media group of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, which also includes Radio Maryja and TV Trwam.

Fakt - a tabloid and Poland's best-selling daily newspaper.

Super Express - Poland's second-best-selling tabloid daily.

Polityka - a leading weekly news magazine with a focus on current affairs, politics, history and culture.

Wprost - another leading weekly news and current affairs magazine.

Newsweek Polska - the very successful Polish edition of the weekly.

Przekrój - a weekly current affairs magazine, with a strong focus on culture and the arts, as well as news.

Przegląd - a left-leading weekly current affairs, news and cultural magazine.

Tygodnik Powszechny - the renowned liberal Catholic weekly with a focus on culture and history, as well as news and religious affairs.

Gość Niedzielny - a high-selling Catholic news and religious affairs weekly.

Lampa - an arts and literature monthly.

Ha!Art - an arts and literature quarterly.

Zeszyty Literackie - a leading literature quarterly.

Teskty Drugie - a literature and literary theory journal published by IBL PAN.

Zadra (Splinter) - a feminist and gender issues quarterly.

Teatr - a leading theatre monthly.

Notatnik Teatralny - a leading theatre journal.

Didaskalia - an important theatre quarterly.

Dialog - an important drama and theatre monthly which showcases new dramatists.

Kino - a film and cinema monthly.

Polskie Radio - Polish Radio's internet portal, which also includes some archival materials.

TOK FM - a news and current affairs-based radio station.

TVP - the Polish State broadcaster, which has its own news channel.

TVP Polonia - television channel aimed at the Polish diaspora.

TVP Kultura - television channel with a strong focus on Polish culture.

Kino Polska - television channel dedicated to Polish cinema and classic television series.

TVN24 - a news channel.

Polsat News - a news channel.

The Warsaw Voice - Poland's first English-Language Weekly.

PAP's on-line English Service- based on PAP's Polish-language service, it runs 6 days a week and is prepared by experienced journalists and translators.