Russian resources

4. virtual resources

4.4 metaopacs

The International Library Information and Analytical Center (ILIAC) website has links to three free-of-charge databases (Russian Periodicals Subscription Catalogue, Russian Union Catalogue on Sci-Tech Literature and Geopolitics, interethnic and interregional relations in Russia) as well as links to other databases for registered users and demonstration versions of databases.

The Regional University and Science Library Advanced Network in the North-West of Russia (RUSLAN)provides access to catalogues from universities across Russia, Europe and the rest of the world. Follow theZ39.50 Gateway and Russian Library Consortica Resources links from the website to see the list of university librarycatalogues available via this site.

British META-OPACs

COPAC is the most searched British META-OPAC. It contains the online catalogue of 22 of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland, plus the British Library catalogue.