Russian resources

4. virtual resources

4.3 humanities portals/sites

In Russian

The Sovremennaia russkaia literature site offers links to texts and criticism on modern Russian literature. In Russian only. Classic Russian and Soviet Poetry provides an online collection of works by 194 Russian and Soviet poets. It includes over 19,000 poems and almost 900 articles. As well as poems listed by author, there are a number of collections by theme, including war, the seasons, love and the poetry of the Silver Age. In Russian only.

The Russian Posters website offers an extensive searchable database of posters from the Soviet Union. In Russianand German only.

In English

Early Twentieth-Century Russian Drama is a website dedicated to Russian theatre from the era of Russian modernism, including works by Stanislavsky and Meyerhold, Chekhov, Mayakovsky and Bulgakov, Malevich and Tatlin,Stravinsky and Shostakovich.

The British Academy Portal is the British Academy's directory of online resources in the humanities and social sciences. It is designed as an entry point to resources available for those working in higher education and research, including the domain of Modern Languages (Russian) amongst many other subjects.

The European Library is a portal service allowing you to search the content of European National Libraries.

The Intute (Arts and Humanities) site has a Russian Studies section with links to a whole range of sources. This site is one of the most useful for all areas of research in the Humanities. It contains links to sites within all subject areas of the Humanities and you will be offered routes to projects/organizations, primary sources, research-related sites, secondary sources, teaching and learning related sites and also bibliographical sources.