Russian resources

2. Resources in the UK

2.1 archives

The Leeds Russian Archive consists of around 500 collections of manuscripts, photographs 
and printed books on Russian history, literature, culture and Anglo-Russian relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The University of Warwick's International Contact Group aims to promote academic research in the former Soviet Union ’s archives, focusing on issues of historical political economy.

The University of Warwick also runs a Russian Research Programme, making available on its website over 800 papers and research reports on a variety of economic subjects, including a downloadable archive, from the University of Warwick ’s Centre for Comparative Labour Studies.

University College London's School of Slavonic and East European Studies holds a collection of archival material, the catalogue for which is available online.

Archives Hub is a portal bringing together descriptions of thousands of the UK's archive collections and representing nearly 300 institutions across the country.

AIM25 is a database of archives and manuscript collections from many of London's higher education institutions, learned societies, cultural organisations and City livery companies.