Russian resources

1. Resources in Russia

1.3 libraries is an online library of modern and classical art offering images and information on Russian art. In Russian only.

The Fundamental'naia elektronnaia biblioteka  is a large online project offering a repository of source, research and reference texts of literature from the eleventh to the twentieth centuries, including a folklore section.It includes a complete alphabetical index of both authors and works featured on the website and contains biographic and bibliographic information where full texts are not provided. In Russian only. - Biblioteka Maksima Moshkova is a comprehensive online collection of literature, offering full texts of Russian literature, both modern and classics, and foreign literature in Russian translation. It includes poetry, prose, history and teaching texts. It is organised by genre and by author. Collections include war, humour and crime. In Russian only.

LibWeb is a portal offering links to major Russian libraries, including The National Library of Russia, Moscow State University and St Petersburg University libraries. is an extensive online musical library of rock, pop, metal, funk, dance, punk, classical, jazz and many other genres. In Russian only.

The online home of the National Library of Russia offers electronic catalogues, access to card catalogues, information on the library’s collections, information on various projects, access to electronic materials and an electronic document delivery service. The library holds over 34 million items.

The Moscow-based State Public Historical Library is Russia's largest library dedicated to history. It is home to around 4 million items in 47 languages of the former Soviet Union and 2.5 million in 65 further foreign languages. The website offers information on collections, projects and online catalogues. In Russian only.