Russian resources

1. Resources in Russia

1.1 archives

ArcheoBiblioBase offers an online guide to Russia’s major archive facilities with key details including contact information, access, previous names, and a brief introduction to each one. It includes Moscow and St Petersburg archives and regional archives, divided by Republic, krai, oblast and okrug. It holds information on finding aids, genealogical links and links to similar websites containing details of Belarussian and Ukrainian archives.

The Archives of Russia website is the official website of Russia’s archives, created under the sponsorship of the Federal Archive Agency (Rosarkhiv).  It contains contact details for all of Russia ’s archives, both federal and regional, library archives, archival law, archival news, links to online catalogues, archival projects, publishing information and other relevant archival links. It also features the ‘1941-45 Pobeda’ archive for World War II archive material from the former Soviet Union. In Russian only.

The Russian Museums website offers access to collections of most Russian museums.

The Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad contains a large archive of Russian emigration. It includes academic texts, literature, memoirs, letters and also fine art, films and photographs.

Electronic Resources Library of Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of History contains a large collection of on-line primary published historical resources mainly of Russian and Slavonic origin.