German resources

4. Virtual resources

4.1 Digital works and authors

You can now access many literary works either online (for free) or on CD-ROM (then you will have to purchase the CD-ROM or consult it at a library that might hold it). In any case, the digitization of literature can be a great research tool as it will allow you to do specific searches in the text and in the case of online literature brings it into your house without you having to venture out to the library or the bookshop. For links to online literature, check our section on virtual libraries. There you will find many of the literary works you are studying online. To list them all individually on this page would be an infinite task. We have therefore limited our authors' page to few examples. If you are interested in CD-ROMs dedicated to particular authors, one major publisher of literature-based CD-ROMs is Chadwyck-Healey. For more information on their products click here: ProQuest and Chadwyck Healey. Their German editions are comprised in the Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker.

Examples of digital texts and authors on the web

Literaturport offers an authors' dictionary which features important contemporary authors like Günter Grass, Judith Hermann, Karen Duve, Elfriede Jelinek, or Ingo Schulze right next to writers yet to be discovered. What distinguishes this dictionary from others is that each author has written his or her entry herself. Further it includes a collection of cost-free literary audio samples.

The Gutenberg Bible
This is a digitized version of the Göttingen Gutenberg Bible. Free for you to read on the net either in German or in English.

The Goethe Society of North America
The Goethe Society of North America (GSNA) is dedicated to the encouragement of research on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the context of the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century.

Goethe's Faust
Goethe's 'Faust' I and II in English translation.

Sophie - A Digital Library of Works by German Speaking Women 
This site on German-speaking Women artists and authors is divided into sections about Literature, Film, Theatre, Art, Journalism, Colonial/Travel and Music. The Literature section on Early Women's Writing makes accessible on the net about 245 titles between 1740 and 1923. These texts, which have previously been out of print and are difficult to find, cover a broad spectrum of genres, including novels, stories, dramas, autobiographies, letters, travel journals and poetry.

Kafka Website
A site dedicated to the work and life of Franz Kafka. The site which is run by Bonn University provides access to Kafka's works online, biographical information, interpretations of his work and features many other sections. A crucial contribution to Kafka studies is their search engine which will allow you to undertake specific word searches through the whole corpus of Kafka's writings.

Theodor Storm Website
This site is dedicated to the work and life of the nineteenth-century German poet and novelist. Although the site does not contain any online versions of Storm's work, it does give summaries of them.

Researching German Exiles
The Feuchtwanger Memorial Library website provides information on German authors and artists that were forced to flee Germany during the Nazi period.

The International Brecht Society
The International Brecht Society Homepage is maintained as a service to scholars, critics, students, and theater people round the world who are interested in the works and thought of Brecht.

Bonner Kant-Korpus
This project of Bonn University is dedicated to the digitization of Immanuel Kant's works on the web.

Friedrich Hölderlin Website
This beautiful site set up by the Hölderlin society provides all kinds of useful and interesting information on the writer and also gives in parts online versions of his works. The intention is to create a full online version of Hölderlin'soeuvres.

Die Nibelungen-Handschrift Digital
Set up by the Badische Landesbibliothek, this site gives you access to a scanned version of the Nibelungen-Lied, plus additional references.

Nineteenth-Century German Stories
A treasure trow of German fairy tales and stories, this site provides online versions of classic as well as less known German fairy tales.

Europeana provides access to over 50 million digitised items - books, music, artworks and more.