German resources

1. Resources in Germany

1.1 Archives

The Archivschule Marburg offers links to German archives.

Deutsches Bundesarchiv
The German Federal Archive is a provider of services for the general public as well as research and administration bodies. It documents, and saves as archives, testimonies to, and evidence of, modern and contemporary German history and makes this information available to everyone.

Deutsches Bucharchiv München
This is an archive for all those who are interested in the study of the book, publishing, journals, book trade, literary studies, authors and technologies of printing.

Deutsche Kinemathek
An archive and library, this institution is Germany's most important centre for the preservation of film. It is based in Berlin.


Literature Archives

Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach
It displays and archives 20th century literature. Notable original manuscripts include The Trial by Franz Kafka and Berlin Alexanderplatz by Alfred Döblin.

Goethe und Schiller Archiv
The Goethe and Schiller Archive is the oldest German literature archive with the greatest wealth of tradition. Since the publication of the Sophie edition, the Archive sees itself as a centre of Goethe research and edition philology supported by original sources.

Kleist-Archiv Sembdner
The Kleist-Archive Sembdner in Heilbronn is based on the collection of the Kleist scholar and editor Helmut Sembdner. It contains a biography, letters and much more.

Literaturarchiv und Bibliothek Monacensia in München
The literature archive Monacensia is based in the former house of artist and sculptor Adolf von Hildebrand. It holds 130 000 books, amongst them original manuscripts by authors from Munich, as well as rare photographs.

Das Archivportal-D is an archive portal bringing together cataloguing data from national and regional archives across Germany.

Some more literature archives

Literaturarchiv Sulzbach-Rosenberg e.V.

Das Lippische Literaturarchiv


Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933-1945 der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek

Heinrich-Heine-Institut Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

Literaturarchiv Akademie der nste