Italian resources

4. Virtual resources

4.5 virtual libraries

This is a search engine that allows you to scour all major virtual libraries.

CIBIT - Biblioteca Telematica Italiana
Hosted by the University of Pisa, this is one of the most reliable of Italian virtual libraries. It also provides technical facilities for researches such as concordances.

Liber Liber
Liber Liber’s virtual library was one of the first online libraries and is still one of the most complete.

Biblioteca della Letteratura Italiana
Maintained by Pianetascuola and Einaudi, this site constitutes a well-balanced library mainly devoted to canonical authors.

De Bibliotheca
This is one of the largest virtual libraries for Italian literature. It also includes minor authors.

Italian Literature at Bobst Library
Italian Studies guides hosted by the New York University Library. See also the Medieval and Early Modern Italian Studies and Modern Italian Studies collections.

Logos Library 
With its 4688 literary texts, it is one of the largest online collections. A number of these texts are by minor authors.

Intratext Digital Library
This library holds 1424 texts, including some minor ones that are difficult to find in other virtual libraries. For some texts it also provides other useful services, such as concordances.

Biblioteca dei Classici Italiani
It includes all major Italian writers, grouped by century.

Similarly, this site includes a large number of major Italian writers, grouped by century.

Duecento: la Poesia Italiana dalle Origini a Dante 
Its archive includes almost 200 authors and contains in total 2400 works.

Biblioteca Virtuale Jaufré Rudel
It includes both medieval texts and texts concerning medieval culture.

Nuovo Rinascimento
This is a collection of virtual texts, mainly dating from the Renaissance.

The Medici Archive
This includes material from the Medici archive. It focuses particularly on texts aiming to enlighten contemporary Florentine society during the Renaissance.

Uroboro Classical Library
Collects texts dating from the 14th to 18th centuries, including several 16th- and 17th-century madrigals.

This is the online version of 'Thesaurus musicarum italicarum', a corpus that collects Italian music treatises from the Renaissance and early Baroque periods.

Opera Glass
This is one of the largest online collections of opera librettos.

La Poesia Italiana del Secondo Novecento
An anthology including about 50 poets of the second half of the 20th century (from Antonella Anedda to Lello Voce).

Digital Variants
This is a contemporary authors digital archive founded in 1996 by the Department of Italian of the University of Edinburgh to make available texts of living authors at different stages of writing.