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Latin American libraries and archives

This online resource is part of LANIC (Latin American Network Information Center) and lists all major Latin American libraries by country.

New Mexico State Records Center & Archives
You will find here manuscript records of the Spanish administrative, judicial, and military government of New Mexico from 1621 to 1821 and manuscripts and maps related to land and land transactions (including land ownership, wills, land grants, and litigation) during New Mexico's Spanish and Mexican periods.

International Council on Archives (ICA)
The International Council on Archives (ICA) is dedicated to the advancement of archives worldwide. You can use their search engine to locate and identify national and other archives in Spain and Hispanic countries.

Unesco Archives Portal: Spain
This portal will give you access to links and information about Spanish archives, both national and those attached to universities, museums and libraries. Use their Categories page in order to trace different kinds of Hispanic and other archives around the world.

Archives Portal Europe provides access to information on archival material from different European countries as well as information on archival institutions throughout the continent.