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Portal de Archivos Españoles (PARES)
This site contains links to various Spanish archives, including the Archivo Histórico Nacional, which holds historical documents, diplomatic files of ecclesiastic institutions since the 9th century, collections of stamps, maps, drawings, and private family archives. The full address of this archive is: Calle de Serano, 15; Madrid.

Archivo General de Indias
This archive holds all documentation relating to the Spanish administration of the New World.

Archivo General del Ministerio de Educación y Cultura
This archive specializes in the history of education in Spain. It preserves, organizes and promotes documents of the Spanish Educational Administration. It holds documents from the mid-19th century onwards.

Archivo Manuel de Falla
This is a centre for the study of the life and works of Manuel de Falla, and of the culture and music of the composer's time. The archive holds photographs, correspondence, posters, music concerts leaflets, manuscripts and music sheets.