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9. Virtual resources

9.4 Metaopacs

British META-OPACs

The most searched British META-OPAC. It contains the online catalogue of 22 of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland, plus the British Library catalogue.


SUDOC: Système universitaire de documentation
This search engine allows you to undertake integrated catalogue searches of French University libraries and other educational institutions. It covers more than 5 million references on books, theses, journals and other types of documents.

CCFR: Le Catalogue Collectif de France
This catalogue allows you to locate and reserve more than 14 million documents stored in the main libraries of France - municipal and those associated with Universities and research centres. It includes the references of BMR (Cataloguedes fonds rétroconvertis des bibliothèques municipales) - the municipal libraries - and those of BN-Opale Plus and ofSUDOC.

Transnational META-OPACs

Karlsruhe Virtueller Katalog KVK
The wonderful University of Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue allows you to search all the major libraries and national opacsin the world at once. Indispensable.