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9. Virtual resources

9.1 Digital works and authors

You can now access many literary works either online (for free) or on CD-ROM (then you will have to purchase the CD-ROM or consult it at a library that might hold it). In any case, the digitization of literature can be a great research tool as it will allow you to do specific searches in the text and in the case of online literature brings it into your house without your having to venture out to the library or the bookshop. For links to online literature, check our section on virtual libraries. There you will find many of the literary works you are studying online. To list them all individually on this page would be an infinite task. We have therefore limited our authors' page to few examples. If you are interested in CD-ROMs dedicated to particular authors, one major publisher of literature-based CD-ROMs is Chadwyck-Healey. For more information on their products click here: ProQuest and Chadwyck Healey.

Examples of digital authors and sites listing digital authors

French: Authors and Texts - Romance Studies at Harvard
This page of the Romance Studies website of Harvard University provides an extensive list of sites dedicated to authors and online literature.

Auteurs - Université de Montréal - Bibliothèque de Lettres et Science Humaines
On this site you will find hyperlinks to webpages for all major French authors.

Contemporary Women's Writing in French
Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women's Writing
This site is dedicated to promoting awareness of the work of women authors, including French authors, who emerged in the 1990s. It also provides access to information about other academic resources in this general field of research.

Fondation Voltaire 
This Oxford University site is dedicated to Voltaire, and includes the transcription of his works and letters. The site also provides an online version of the complete works of Montesquieu, the correspondence of Pierre Bayle and that of Mme de Graffigny.

L' Encyclopédie de Diderot et D'Alembert
The online version of the Encyclopédie.

Europeana provides access to over 50 million digitised items - books, music, artworks and more.