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French resources

3. French resources in Canada

3.4 Virtual resources

The list below is a selection of virtual sources on French Canada and is not meant to be exhaustive.

For a list of general virtual resources, consult the section on Virtual Resources – French.

Centre de la Francophonie des Amériques

A useful source containing a variety of information and resources on the French speaking communities in the Americas.

ADEL inc
Online library of the Association québécoise des auteurs dramatiques (AQAD).

Auteurs - Université de Montréal - Bibliothèque de Lettres et Science Humaines

On this site you will find hyperlinks to webpages for all major French authors. It hosts an extensive database ofQuébécois authors.

La bibliothèque électronique du Québec
Contains free downloadable texts from Québécois authors.

Collection numérique de Bibliothèque et Archives  Nationales du Québec

The Writers’ Union of Canada
The official website of the Writers’ Union of Canada containing the latest news, activities and resources on writing and publishing in Canada.

Prix littéraires du Québec
Very useful online resource on the literary prizes in Québec. It is possible to search by year, by laureate, prize, literary genre, region, organisation. A short biography of the authors listed can also be accessed.

L'île, Linfocentre littéraire des écrivains québécois
Comprehensive virtual documentary source on Québécois writers. Very reliable and accurate source of information. It contains bibliographic and biographic references on a large number of authors. Access to press articles is payable. The biographic references on the authors are updated daily and in collaboration with the authors by a group of expert graduates.

Dictionnaire des œuvres littéraires du Québec (DOLQ): des origines à 1969

DOLQ is a searchable online catalogue on literary works in Québec from conception to 1969.It is a recommended source for researchers, students and teachers in Québécois literature.
Volumes I, II, III and IV of the DOLQ are currently accessible online. All the volumes will become available on theBAnQ site. The online publication of these volumes has been made possible by the participation of the Centre derecherche interuniversitaire sur la littérature et la culture québécoises (CRILCQ).