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Centre d’Etudes Québécoises, Université Paris 3

A new interdisciplinary research centre on Québécois studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3.

Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la littérature et la culture québécoise (CRILCQ)

This research centre brings together specialist from across a number of Universities in the areas of literature, theatrestudies, art, music and culture. Its mission is to promote the literature and culture of Québec.

Centre d'études de la poésie québécoise

The Centre Hector-De Saint-Denys-Garneau gathers and promotes information and research on Québec’s poetry. 

Centre interuniversitaire d'études et de recherches autochtone (CIÉRA), Université Laval

This centre brings together researchers from the Université Laval,as well as other Universities in and outside Québecin the area of study of Aboriginal societies and cultures from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Centre interuniversitaire d'études québécoises, Université Laval

This is an interdisciplinary centre bringing together researchers from the Laboratoire de géographie historique del'Université Laval and the Centre d'études québécoises de l'Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. It studies the transformations of Québécois society from the colonisation period up to the present day from a sociocultural andspatiotemporal perspective.

Bibliographie d'études comparées des littératures canadienne, québécoise et étrangère / The bibliography of Studies in Comparative Canadian, Québec and Foreign Literature – Université Sherbrooke

The Bibliography of Comparative Studies in Canadian, Québec and Foreign Literatures 1930-1995 is intended as an essential research tool for students, scholars and other readers of Canadian literatures. It is a project that involves the building, updating, and expansion of a bibliographic database of comparative studies in Canadian, Québec and foreign-language literatures.

The database includes research tools such as other bibliographies, reference works, anthologies, periodicals and histories for scholars, students and other readers of Canada’s and Québec’s literatures in a comparative framework.

Groupe de recherche en études littéraires et culturelles comparées au Canada et au Québec (VERSUS)

The VERSUS Research group is part to the Département des lettres et de la communication. Its research concentrates on the comparative study of the literatures and cultures of Québec and Canada.

Aboriginal Research Consortium (international)

The purpose of the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium International is to provide leadership and oversight on projects related to research and policy for, by, and about Indigenous peoples worldwide.

Centre for the Study of France and Francophone World / Centre des Etudes de la France et du MondeFrancophone, University of Toronto

The CEFMF is home to the interdisciplinary study of France and the Francophone world at the University of Toronto. Home to a broad range of faculty and researchers working on France and the Francophone world across a number of disciplines, to rich library and archival collections in French studies, and to the largest Department of French in Canada, as well as being an active participant in faculty and student exchange programs with peer institutions in France, the University of Toronto has long been a centre for excellence in French studies. The CEFMF builds upon the university’s distinguished tradition of teaching and scholarship in French studies.

Cercle-réseau international de recherche sur les croisements et études francophones inter-multidisciplinaires, University of York

The C-RICEFM is a non-profit international network on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary Francophone studies in literature. Its main objective is to foster scholarly exchange, knowledge dissemination, and research in the field of Francophone Literatures focussing on crossroads in literary studies.

Centre Canada- Méditérrannée

The Centre Canada-Méditerranée, is officially and academically linked to the Département d'études françaises, University of York, Ontario. It was founded by the Tunisian-born writer and acadmic, Hédi Bouraoui, Professor Emeritus of the University.  The centre has a library on the Francophone literature of Ontario, but also on SubsaharanAfrica, Caribbean and the Québec and Acadia.

Chaire de Recherche du Canada en analyse littéraire interculturelle, Université de Moncton

This research centre is devoted to the study of Canadian literatures in French, especially Québec and Acadia, from a comparative and multicultural perspective.

Centre Acadien de l’Université de Sainte-Anne, Nouvelle Ecosse

The Centre was founded in 1972 with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage and history of the Acadian people, especially those from Nova Scotia. Its collection of primary and secondary sources is regarded as the most comprehensive source in Nova Scotia.

Institut d'études acadiennes (IEA), Université de Moncton

Contains a number of sources on Acadian studies, including an international list of references (Répertoire international des études acadiennes).

A list of useful links including institutions, research centres, University Departments and other sources on Acadian studies is available here.

Acadian Archives, University of Maine, Kent

The Acadian Archives/Archives Acadiennes at the University of Maine at Fort Kent documents, preserves, and disseminates information about the culture, way of life, and history of the Franco-American and Acadian people of the Upper St John river valley. It serves as a repository for manuscript materials and audio-visual documentation relevant to regional folklore, folklife, and history.



Association Internationale des Etudes Québécoises (AIEQ)

A large international network of researchers involved in Québécois studies. Contains a section with access to a variety of research tools, such as websites, databases, etc.

American Council for Québec Studies

Hosts the refereed academic journal Québec Studies.

Association québécoise des auteurs dramatiques (AQAD)

The official site of the Association québécoise des auteurs dramatiques.

Centre des auteurs dramatiques du Canada (CEAD)

An association of playwrights at the playwrights' service, the CEAD provides support for playwriting development and promotes Canadian Francophone plays and playwrights. It enjoys a solid reputation, as much for the sheer number of writers that it counts as members, as for its continuing objectives of quality and innovation.

Association des auteures et des auteurs de l’Ontario Français (AAOF)

Official website of the association of writers of the French Ontario.