Organizing a conference

a PORT for Modern Languages tutorial

1 Introduction

1.11 What to keep in mind during the conference

Once the machinery has been set in motion, you should be able to reduce your tasks to:

  • smiling, always and whatever may happen
  • receiving speakers, chairs and all other participants
  • being present whenever possible at all lectures and events
  • indicating who to turn to for assistance

if possible leaving to assistants (postgraduate students, friends who offered their help) the duty of

  • registering participants
  • distributing conference packs
  • collecting conference fees
  • collecting receipts for all payments to be refunded
  • receiving people during all conference sessions
  • giving general information
  • checking daily that direction signs are on/in place
  • solving minor inconveniences
  • reporting to you (and to all other organizers) any major inconveniences.