Doing the PhD

a PORT for Modern Languages tutorial

3 Building a bibliography

3.3 How to structure your bibliography

How am I supposed to organize my entries? Drawing up a bibliography is a twofold problem, since it requires on the one hand an overall organization, a macrostructure so to speak, determined by the type of research carried out. On the other hand, you will have to decide on a specific reference system that will allow you to format with consistency the different entries of your bibliography. But, once again, do not forget that your university, as well as your future publishers, may have precise requirements on this issue. Do not waste your time identifying your own supposedly most effective system - just find out the required format of your university or the house style of your publisher. If your university does not set down a particular reference system, you might as well adopt the MHRA system which in the UK is the one most commonly used for the Arts.