Applying for a PhD

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4 applying for grants

4.4 Conditions attached to grants

Most grant-giving bodies do not tie any special conditions to grants, other than completing the work within a given period. However, some of the conditions below are common practice:

  • acknowledgment: the recipient of the scholarship is expected to acknowledge the financial aid received.
  • return to the country of origin:the recipient -especially in the case of EU or International students- may be obliged to return to her/his country of origin upon the completion of her/his studies. This clause may be found when the scholarship is issued by a National Research Centre which has vested interests in seeing its scholars returning to their country of origin.
  • time limitations
    The grant holder may be restricted with regard to the completion of her/his studies (e.g. s/he cannot exceed the completion period of studies as the latter is prescribed by the her/his course).