Exercise 3: Trying out a T-Test

exercise 3

2. Creating a Test Variable

Go to Analyze > Compare Means > Independent Samples T-Test.

From the left-hand pane, put BODYFAT into the Test Variable(s) window. You could add more variables here if you wanted to perform more than one test at once.

From the left-hand pane, put AGEGROUP in the Grouping Variable box. The (? ?)  means you need to define the groups. Click on Define Groups.

In Group 1, enter 1. In Group 2, enter 2. Click Continue.

Now click OK in the t-test menu.

Have a look at the output window.


The Group Statistics box tells us statistics for the two groups. N gives the number of cases in each group. Looking at the means and standard deviations gives us an idea of how similar or otherwise the two groups’ means are.