1. Resources in the Czech Republic

1.1 Archives

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. This database contains entries about 151692 archive groups. The page links to those archive groups which are deposited in the National Archive, 7 public regional archives, 5 municipal archives, several dozen specialized and private archives, the cultural/scientific institutions (museums, libraries, galleries, branches of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, universities) and also those in the hands of legal entities or particular individuals (historical records and documents deposited outside archives).

Musica. Useful site for foreigners interested in contemporary Czech music. It provides a collection of documents on contemporary Czech music, composers, and events. It also includes archives of sheet music and recordings.

Jan Hus Educational Foundation. International non-political, non-denominational, educational and cultural foundation.

Czech News Agency (CTK) includes text-based news in Czech, Slovak and English, picture, video and audio news,infographics. CTK's archive is unique for its depth and complexity. Besides containing all of CTK's news published in Czech and English, it also contains a vast documentary database, an archive of dailies and many other periodicals published in the Czech Republic as well as other information archived either as texts, pictures or audio recordings.