What is research data? Some Examples

what is reasearch data?

1. Introduction

2.3 Images

There are many reasons why historians might base their research around images. The obvious is art history, when an historian focuses on paintings and other 'art' works to understand the past. Another reason might be to catalogue evidence that would otherwise be difficult to analyse together. 

For an example of the latter, listen to this video where Erica McCarthy (University of Hull) talks about her PhD research.

Photographs are the most obvious type of image that a historian might need to store and use, but increasingly technology is allowing us to do even more with imagery. In this next short video Erica notes the potential use of 3D scanning in her research.

If your research data is largely image based how much hard drive space might this take up? Here's what Erica thinks.

All of this requires thought into the data management process and into how research will be conducted. Below are a list of questions that Erica is currently tackling. These are questions that historians using images and other forms of data should certainly consider.