What is research data? Some Examples

what is reasearch data?

1. Introduction

2.2 Statistics/Quantatative

Historians often talk about statistics almost as if it were a different discipline entirely. However, the collection of numbers as a means to quantify or qualify evidence is just one tool of many open to the historian and may form a significant or small part of any given research project.  

In this following video Dr Julian Haseldine (University of Hull) talks about the differences and similarities between quantatative and qualitative questions and research methods. Julian believes that the separation of the two is not necessarily fair or useful, which has an impact on how we consider our data.

Julian uses a database as the primary material for his research into French letter collections from the twelfth century. This is what he has to say about his database.

Using statistics or quantatative data for your research requires the use of a database of some kind. It is one way to order material and to retrieve results. In some cases a simple spreadsheet will do, in other cases you will need a program that can provide more complex relationships between data. For more thoughts about quantatative data there is a case study that completes this section of the course.