What is research data? Some Examples

what is reasearch data?

1. Introduction

2.6 Artefacts

Historians might use artefacts as the actual focus of their research. We have already seen one example of this in the form of photographs taken of ship figureheads by Erica McCarthy. In this example Dr Simon Trafford (Institute of Historical Research) explains how archaeological artefacts can form the backbone of a History research topic.

Simon is focusing on the burial of females in England buried in a Scandanavian manner. The data required are therefore largely reports made from archaeological digs. In this next video Simon talks about how the 'data' can only ever be partial in terms of the evidence it provides and why reliance on older information can be difficult. 

Using artefacts as the basis for historical research requires the creation of data in a usable form. In this final video Simon tells us how he manages the archaeological artefacts and reports digitally.