Sharing Data

Sharing data

5. Who can assist with sharing data?

Sharing data is not, and should not be, the sole responsibility of the researcher, as others can support many of the issues related to sharing data.

In the list below, pair the roles within an institution with the activities they can assist with when sharing data.  NB.  It is recognised that not all these roles may exist in all institutions in this form, and the list is intended as indicative, not prescriptive.



Area of activity

Principal investigator

Specifies the purpose and scope of sharing data from research

Research assistants

Assist with organising and structuring the data so it is suitable for sharing

Research Office

Guidance on sharing data overall

Research ethics committee

Guidance on ensuring data is suitable for sharing

Legal Office

Guidance on appropriate licensing options

IT staff

Assist with storage, security and back-up of data

Library staff

Assist with metadata and documentation

Repository staff (internal or external)

Assist with organisation and presentation of data for sharing, plus file format use



List the support services you have at your institution that may be able to assist with sharing data. 

Follow-up: As History researchers, the UK Data Archive offers further advice and guidance on sharing data, and a trusted location where data can be archived and shared.  See the UK Data Archive for more information.