Storage options

storage options

3. Back up methods

3.3 The Internet

A simple means to back up files (at least individually or in small sets) is to e-mail them to yourself. This is a long-standing and easy means to ensure that you have a back-up copy that is easily available to you and secured online (and perhaps on individual devices as well).

If you choose to do this as a regular thing, then you will need to consider how you will find and retrieve these files at a later date. Most e-mail services provide folder systems that allow you to organise your e-mails. Create some of these as you would do a folder system on your own hard drive. By this means you can create a good back up system, although you will also need to ensure:

  • Each e-mail is titled so that it explains what contents it contains. There is no use sending yourself copies of your files if you can’t find them again.
  • Once the file has been sent to your e-mail make sure that it hasn’t become corrupted in the process

Another option for using the internet as a place to store files is to use websites or blogs as a storage location. Even free blogs allow for a certain amount of document storage which means that you can save a copy of your file there for later retrieval or as a simple back up. In many cases you won’t need to make this publically available (although you might choose to do that).