Data Management Plans - content

Data Management Plans - content

5. Getting started


To kick start the development of your own DMP, you should complete the following exercise before moving onto the next module of the tutorial.  These exercises are based on the DMP template described in the previous section.

  1. Complete section 7, outlining your initial thinking about how data management will be resourced
  2. Complete section 8, stating up front how the DMP will be adhered to in its lifetime
  3. Complete section 9.2, listing known expertise that can be called upon.  You should also use this to flag up known gaps that will require attention.

As you proceed through the subsequent modules of this tutorial, you will be prompted to complete further sections of your DMP, based on the specific topics that have been covered.  As the DMP develops, it is also advised that you re-visit completed sections and add to these as your knowledge and understanding of how the DMP can be used develops.