The History Data Management Lifecycle (HDML) model

The History Data Management Lifecycle (HDML) model

5. History Data Management Lifecycle (HDML)

5.4 Write Up

Access and Reuse

Having carried out the relevant research, including the various data management aspects detailed before, the data will now be readily accessible for use and reuse in the writing up of the work. The actual writing up is the remit of the researcher – a basic function of “doing history” and will not be explored here. During this phase, attention should still be focussed on the elements identified during the research phase.



Preservation: Have I determined how I will hold and maintain the data that I collect?


Conceptualise: Have I clearly determined how I will located and acquire the data I will be using?


Create or Receive: Have I created or received a database and/or data field structure that works suitably with my collected data?


Appraise and Select: Have I checked that each data file or element is relevant and useable in the project?


Ingest: Have I determined exactly where my data will be stored? Is it safe and reliable?


Preservation Action: Are my data files accessible based on accurate naming, and are they verified as useable?


Storage: Is my data stored securely in a repository or an institutional server?”