The History Data Management Lifecycle (HDML) model

The History Data Management Lifecycle (HDML) model

5. History Data Management Lifecycle (HDML)

5.2 Literature/Material review

Describe the data by providing a full description of the data is essential in order to properly understand its relevance and validity. At this point, irrelevant, inaccurate and spurious data can be identified. Data that clearly assists in the research process can be effectively “tagged”. This process is essentially the same as the Literature Review.

  • Each data source must be referenced accurately
  • Each data element, or group of elements should be verified
  • The formats of each element must be clearly identified
  • The physical dimensions, resolution, and/or storage capacity must be identified
  • Copyright and ethical considerations need to be fully accounted for
  • Any licensing restrictions that apply should be identified
  • Protocols for holding the data need to be checked
  • Accurate naming and referencing conventions must be applied to ensure accessibility



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