The History Data Management Lifecycle (HDML) model

The History Data Management Lifecycle (HDML) model

1. Glossary of Terms

Curation Lifecycle Model

DCC’s complex and comprehensive model for plotting the lifecycle of the data management process.


Digital Curation Centre.


A complete or whole pattern of concepts, activities or events that jointly form more than the sum the sum of their parts.

Gestalt Cycle of Awareness

A cycle paradigm based on the creative process as a cycle of experience, developed by Joseph Zinker (Zinker 1977) based on the work of Fritz Perls (Perls, Hefferline, et al. 1951).


History Data Management Lifecycle.


History Data Management Training.


History Research Lifecycle.


“Flattened” versions of the HRL and HDML that present a timescale approach to the Lifecycle process.

Paradigm Shift

Thomas Kuhn’s concept of the revolutionary shift of awareness from one way of thinking to another; seeing things from a different perspective (Kuhn 1962).


The typical Lifecycle is depicted in “stages” or “phases”. “Stages” imply fixed events to be completed before the next is approached whereas “phases” are more fluid and may overlap or be revisited as necessary.

Phase Cycles

“Mini-cycles” that complete each phase of a larger, overall project cycle.