• Quantitative Methods

    • Description:

      This tutorial is designed to give humanities researchers an introduction to using SPSS software for quantitative work. You will gain the ability to approach quantitative work with confidence, even if you have no prior statistical experience. It will provide a grounding in the collection and analysis of numerical data and give you the tools to report your own results and think critically about those of others.  

      Category: Tutorial

      Learning outcomes include:

      • Use SPSS for quantitative analysis
      • Find, enter and manage data
      • Explore data
      • Select appropriate statistical analysis
      • Interpret and report results
      • Critically assess quantitative research.

      Educator(s): Douglas Brown

      Registration: Not required for this course

      Requirements: No previous knowledge required. Students will need access to SPSS software and Microsoft Excel.

      You should read carefully through the sections of this tutorial, but don’t expect to understand everything until you have worked through the practical exercises. You can then re-read the sections to consolidate your understanding. 

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