• Data Preservation

    • Description: 

      The purpose of this resource is to provide an introduction to implementable best practice for ensuring the continued access to and preservation of your digital research data over time. Starting a research project can be overwhelming, so it is important to manage your data to ensure you don’t lose it. We aim to provide an overview of the issues and suggest solutions for how to preserve your research data.

      Category: Tutorial

      Learning outcomes include:

      • Help you develop a clear understanding of what research data can consist of.
      • An understanding of why you need to consider preservation.
      • Learn what the benefits of preserving research data is and what are the pressing reasons to consider preservation.
      • Learn about the risks associated with digital material and why preservation is an essential aspect of data management.
      • Learn how to create data documentation and metadata
      • Learn how to store research data safely.

      Educator(s): Academic Research Technologies (University of London Computer Centre)/Institute of Historical Research/LSE/Cambridge University Library.

      Registration: None

      Requirements: None

      Number of modules: 4

      Cost: Free

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